Monday, June 30, 2014

que se mueran los feos

This week has been pretty good, Yaxkin and Alberto still didn't get married....but we talked to them yesterday and they had plans to go this morning, so I'm praying that they will be married soon.  And then they can get baptized as a family on Tuesday! This week we had our zone conference, it was good, we talked about the book of Mormon.  Yesterday was a huge soccer game against Mexico and of course hardly any of our investigators came to church...but Mexico lost, so it serves them right haha.  Now they have no excuses to not come.  In our zone conference the mission presidents wife challenged us to read the book of Mormon and underline all the names of Christ, His actions, His attributes, and His spoken words in 4 different colors.  I am using one of those paperback Spanish book of Mormons, and so far it is a really good way to focus on learning about Christ, and its helping me with my Spanish.  Saturday was a really good day, we set two baptismal dates.  Antonio, text'd us and asked if we could meet with him, and then he told us that he wanted to be baptized.  And then we met with Rodrigo, and we taught him the plan of salvation and he said he wanted to be baptized too.  But the only investigator that came to church yesterday was Rosa, it was her first time, and she said she felt peaceful there and learned a lot.  So we have a lot of hope for this next month, I think we will have a few baptisms.  And yesterday we were walking and we saw a woman who we had contacted about a month and a half ago, but she wasn't really interested because she is catholic and isn't willing to change her religion.  But we just asked her how she was doing and said if she ever needed help with anything we are here, not just only to preach but to serve.  And she opened up to us about how her life has been really hard lately and she started crying and said she was praying for God to put someone in her path.  So that was a cool experience, even if she doesn't want to accept our message, we can at least help her in some small way...and if nothing else the seed has been planted.  
And in bad news...we planned on going to the Zocalo today (the main city center) but we called the president and he told us that unfortunately the Zocalo is no longer in our mission :( so that is really sad).  But we will do something else fun I guess. And in funny news...we had the talent show last Tuesday, my companion and I sang If you could hie to kolob in Spanish.  And the primary did this hilarious dance, where they had boxes over there heads so that you could only see them from the waist down and they had sweatshirts tied around theeir waists with fake hands on the end of the sleeves...they looked like funny creatures.  And at  the very end three of the hermanas in the relief society came out with masks on and crazy wigs and were dancing to this song called ¨que se mueran los feos¨ which means ¨may all the ugly people die¨ and they were pointing to all the people in the audience...but at the end they fell on the ground like they were dead (this is Mexican culture for you).  It was funny though.  
Well that was my week, que tengan una semana bonita! 

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