Monday, June 2, 2014

Hola, come le va? 
Well, this week was good, our main problem that seems to keep happening is that we meet people and talk to them and they are very receptive and interested and really need the gospel in their lives...definitely prepared.  And then we ask them where they live and they live in a different area :(. Its great still though, because of course we can give their info to other missionaries, but sometimes I get so excited to get to start teaching this person...but then yeah, we cant.  Another thing is that it it so hard to get all of our investigators to actually come to church, they say they will, we pass by their house to pick them up and then they don't.  But we did have 4 investigators come this last Sunday, which is better than none.  But our goal in the mission is to have a baptism every week...before I came on my mission I told myself I would be satisfied if I helped even one person get baptized (which of course I still would be) but now, I know that its possible to baptize every week if we really work hard.  But our zone improved a lot this past month, we had 17 baptisms in our zone, and the month before we had we are really improving.  The biggest problem is investigators coming to church, because if they don't come they cant get baptized.  But I know that as we work hard and pray and talk to everyone and follow up on commitments, it really is possible.  So yeah, Claudia was baptized on Tuesday and confirmed yesterday! She was so happy, and then afterwards the relief society were practicing a folkloric Mexican dance for a talent a show and Claudia joined them, it was so funny, I feel like our ward is improving and more members are working with our investigators and recent converts. We have transfers coming up this next week, Its very possible that either me or my companion will get transferred...but I really have no idea, I will be happy with whatever happens though.  Our district leader who is in our ward, and has been in the ward for 6 months is getting transferred today, early, its a special circumstance, so he might become zone leader or something....but it will be weird without him in our ward.  Anyways I will attach pics of the baptism, and some pics from last pday when we went to the centro.  It was pretty fun, we went with the other Hermanas in our district and we ate subway and Wendy's frostys and krispy creme donuts lol...we were happy to be in real civilization with familiar foods lol.  Well it sounds like you are doing good, have a great week! 

Love, Mariah 

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