Monday, June 9, 2014

My week was good, we had more investigators in church yesterday! Oh and if you got a friend request from Yunuen Bulhuesen (not sure how to spell it) but she is a recent convert of one year who is in our ward and we visit her a lot, she is very funny and nice, she has three kids and a husband who aren't members, and its hard for her because her husband doesn't want her kids to go to church.  But she is very sweet...she said she added you as a friend, and theirs a picture of me and my companion and the elders that were in the ward with us our first transfer here, but they are gone now.  And today is the last day of this transfer, I'm pretty positive I'm staying but we haven't found out yet.  They should call us really soon though to let us know, if I'm still on the computer I'll tell you...if not I'll tell you next week.  This week no we didn't have a baptism, but we have been working hard, if I'm still here in the next transfer I think we will have a lot.  Including Yaxkin and Alberto (the family in the photo I sent you) they still need to get married, but the bishop is willing to help them pay half, and the only thing is that Yaxkin signed a contract to work every Sunday for  4 months!...but she miraculously came to church yesterday and stayed all three hours and participated a lot in relief society, I can really see a big change in their family, since they have started striving to live the commandments! And Claudia and Rodrigo, our recently baptized converts are both doing great.  Rodrigo gave a talk yesterday on repentance and it was really good, and Claudia has been participating in everything and having a lot of fun.  We haven't had any service projects yet, we were planning on having one this transfer in our zone but we weren't super organized about it and no one found anything to do but, I hope we do one soon, I think it would be very fun. As for today, we are going to go buy food from Walmart after this and then go do our laundry at Hermana Marcela´s, she is my favorite I will definitely miss her when I leave this ward.  Last night she called us and came to hour house and brought us empenadas haha, she also is going to draw us pictures of of the temples we got endowed in...I'm excited.  And we always do our laundry at her house and she feeds us yummy things.  Haha my companion just looked up on google translate how to say bowel movement in Spanish...evacuaciĆ³n intestinal...equals intestinal evacuation lol! Ok well this is my email have a good week! 

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