Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Note from Mariah's mom:  Some Pictures from Mariah's awesome companion Hermana Lovell

Your daughters laugh attack, it happens every night...

I love this girl so much! 


Note from Jana, Mariah's mom:  Mariah hasn't written a separate weekly email for her blog lately so I'm just taking parts from her email's to me and updating her blog.

 January 7th 
our new transfer just started yesterday, we didn't have changes....I'm still with hermana Lovell in valle and we´re still sister training leaders.  That's why we had pday today and not Monday though because of transfers. 
any new stories....hmm 
well they moved our ward to a new chapel which is way further away so that's hard for getting investigators to come to church.  But I like the new chapel because its a little bit bigger, well there's more rooms, and the sacramental is a little smaller and they have pews instead of just chairs so everyone is a little more close and cozy which is nice.  But there were a few less people because of the change, so people are mad according to the bishop and refuse to come to the new chapel.  
This area has been hard just because no one seems to be progressing and its exhausting.  But we have a couple potential progressors, and we are going to try and visit more members and less actives.  
One young girl we are teaching named Johanna was going to be baptized this week.  But she went and stayed with her gma for the new years for 3 days and her gma told her a bunch of lies about Mormons and that she is catholic and isn't going to change. And now she is just confused and well shes only 9, so we don't want to pressure her of course, because she's very impressionable but we don't want her to do it either if she isn't going to have the support of her family, her mom isn't married so she still cant get baptized although we are teaching her, but we may have to stop visiting them. 
And on Sunday we sang I am a child of god in sacrament with a less active girl who is 16 named Vianey. She is so cute and we found out she likes to sing so we jumped on the chance to sing with her and her whole family came to church including her non member dad, who we are going to start teaching.  
I feel like we have a lot of work to do, and that's probably why we didn't have transfers, so after all the trials I hope some big blessings happen this transfer. 

January 26th
Oh how great, sounds like you had a good bday week :) And I'm so excited about the Seahawks! That's so crazy haha. 
Well these past few days have been terrible.  My companion and I have been really sick. 
On friday night my companion started feeling sick, and had a fever and everything. Then On Saturday it hit me as well.  I just felt sooo tired and achy and also had a fever of 101.2, all i wanted to do was sleep. Then on sunday at church, I was just shivering and I guess it was really obvious that I was sick, because everyone was like omgosh are you ok? I think I just looked really pale and sickly.  But I got a blessing, and I actually felt much better for the rest of that day, that we were able to work and everything, but last night felt sick again and I still had a fever. So we finally called the misión presidents wife today and she said we needed to go to the doctors.  And we live really far from the misión doctor and basically the only way to get there is mexibus, metro, and another small bus, but our bishop called in the morning to check on us and offered us a ride to the doctors...we were so grateful!
And anyway, turns out we have a stomach infection and we have antibiotics and a diet to follow for a few days. 
What fun :(

but anyways, looks like  Jill's fam had a fun time in Hawaii, Lexi is so cute haha.  And That's great that Angelina's getting baptized.

February 9th,

Hello darling Mother, :) 

My week was good, we had exchanges twice. It was great fun, and this week we have exchanges, I get to go to zaragoza and see my converts, Yipee! We haven't had any baptisms since the family in nov, but the elders had a baptism this last Sunday, so that was exciting. And our investigator Carlos went and brought his friend. We've been finding a lot of new people lately, like ones that just come up to us and say ¨hey, where´s your church?¨ haha I love it when that happens. 
Well, the story with our investigator Carlos, is that he has been to church a lot and we've been teaching him for a while, but he doesn't want to commit to baptism. So we left him, we talked with him this week and agreed that we weren't going to visit him anymore but he was still invited to come to church and that he should pray to find his answer, but more sincerely. And this we just sent him a text on saturday inviting him to the baptism, and he went! we were so happy, so hopefully a miracle will happen there and he will get baptized this week.  But yeah it was a good week. this week is our last before transfers, but I hope we don't have transfers because we are now starting to see so many miracles. 

And yes I got the package from the high priest group, Lots and Lots of candy, haha my companion and I were very happy. Tell them all I say THANK YOU and GRACIAS!
I still haven't gotten the package from Jill. 

For Jayda¨: 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jayda bear! I love you and miss you.  I realized that you were turning fifteen and that makes me feel really old.  I hope you have  wonderful day!! LOVE Mariah

Also, can you change my facebook so that people can find me and add me as friends, so many members and converts have searched for me but I have a block on it that wont let anyone add me or find me haha 

Love you and miss you too! 
Have a good week 

 ​The guerrero family made us ribs, yum
 We´ve been making a lot of banana bread, and we give it to investigators and members, so that they love us more haha
 In the metro, exchanges with hermana Fowler and Campbell