Thursday, March 26, 2015

Carlos got baptized!

Carlos Got baptized after teaching him for 6 months, we met him in October. He 
said he would  never get baptized... never say never :)
He shared his testimony in his baptism and I think everyone teared up.  He said
ever since he met us he would pray every night and thank God for the opportunity 
he had to meet us.  He had a lot of doubts at first and for a long time, but through
fasting and sincere prayer he finally found his answer.  He says he knows without
a shadow of a doubt that this is the true church of Jesus Christ.  I love baptisms
because its almost tangible the feeling of the spirit, that testifies to all that God is well pleased.

 Carlos and mostly ysa :) I love this ward, I'm never leaving.  
 my face...
 The Guridi Family, they are a golden investigator family.  We met Claudia, the mom, 
in a zumba class that a sister in our ward teaches (yes, our pres let us go to zumba)
and they have come to church for 2 weeks now and all want to get baptized.  And 
they always feed us yummy food, they are the best :) 
Jemima is my favorite niña

More Pics!

Sebastian turned 8!!!
 We visited my companions old area, this is the De la Peña family
 ​The martinez family, they took us to first hamburger in mexico haha

Isabel Got baptized!!! and her family came :)

 The familia Guerrero :)
 Isabel´s Baptism
exchanges with hermanas Eyre and Brasga :)


I only have time to send pics, but Evelyn got baptized!!

Another busy week, with lots of meetings and lessons and exchanges haha.  It was good.  Adriano, a little boy who is 8 who´s family were less active that we have been teaching just got baptized on saturday  :).  It has been a week full of miracles.  Two of our investigators who are going to get baptized this month shared their testimonies in sacrament meeting on Sunday, Evelyn who is 16 told about how she knew that the book of Mormon is true and Isabel who is 60 shared how she has been to so many different churches and never found the truth until she came to church with us.  Also, another family who said they weren´t going to be able to come to church, surprised us when they showed up right before sacrament! Im really excited for a lot of our investigators that are progressing a lot and are going to get baptzed this month.  It has been difficult for us in this area for a few months but we have been working really really hard and now we are finally seeing to fruits! 
I know that this is the work of the Lord, that He lives and through faith in Him, miracles happen everyday! 
Have a Great week :)

Love Hermana Young

 Adriano´s baptism
 I think its about time for some new shoes...evidence that we work hard 

 This is Kiev, he is doing a report on mormons for his psychology class, we are his subjects and 
he is going to write a 160 page paper about us :) how cool huh lol
and he drew that naked artwork on his bedroom wall 

 My sister in the zone...awkward fam foto
 Valeria who is going to be baptized the end of this month, she is soo great :) 
 Evelyn :) 
 this man just comes to all of our missionary activities...we don't really know where he came from 

our zone activity
This week was  great! We have had a lot of work, they removed the elders that were in our ward out, so now we have the whole ward, which is very big. So, a lot of walking.   But its been very fun, I think its the busiest I've been on my whole mission. And sadly Carlos didn't decide to get baptized yesterday, but we are still going to teach him, he´s still going to church and all of the YSA activites.  We fasted with him, and he feels like he didn't receive his answer. We brought the bishop with us to teach him and what the bishop said was just what Carlos needed to hear.  Although he hasn't decided to get baptized yet, I don´t feel too sad because he is progressing a lot and although his steps are small they are steps towards Christ. we got to see Meet the Mormons!! It´s coming to theaters in mexico in a few weeks, and so they let us see it...not in the movie theaters though. But it was so good, I cried.  I encourage everyone who hasn´t seen it to gooo see it! 

 Have a wonderful week!! 
Love Hermana Young

Pics sent by Mariah's Companion Hermana Lovell

 We are not really sure why we look like midgets in this photo but these elders were taken out of our ward and we were given there area also...which is like 40 minutes walking distance (missionary pace) and it is a night and day difference from our area so we are really excited for the challenge!
This is Valeria! We found her outside of her house and she is a peach! She will be getting baptized in two weeks. We had a great lesson with her this week about repentance and we realized how prepared she really is. 

The missionaries are now visiting abbies mom! Yippi!