Wednesday, July 30, 2014

New Companion

Well, this past week was really great.  After waiting alllll day on monday to find out if we would be having transfers, we finally got the call at like 10pm! And we found out that Hermana Medwin was leaving Zaragoza and I was staying here. So this is my fourth transfer in this area, I love it though so Im happy. After this transfer I'll have 6 months here.  Anyway, I got my new companion, Hermana Eyre, she is from Utah, and she has 9 months in the mission.  She has been in my zone for 3 transfers and we had exchanges together twice before, so we already knew eachother pretty well.  She is very nice and we get a along really well, and work well together.  And the funny thing is that the majority of the hermanas in the field are in the same stake because it's the area that's most safe.  So Hermana Medwin got transfered super close, like 10 mins away, and we´re still in the same district. And Hermana Eyre´s previous area is literally the other side of the street of our area...we could walk there.  
This week we found two new families to teach and I´m really excited about that.  Also Angel still has his baptismal date for the 10th of August and Rodrigo is going to get baptized on the 5th! Yesterday, Rodrigo had his baptismal interview and he is super ready! He loves the Book of Mormon, he excitedly told us about a cool part he foud and explained how it is like a powerful manual for life...haha Yes! So Im excited for that.  And we are going to go to the visitors center with him on saturday.  And Yaxkin, Alberto, and Nelly got confirmed yesterday! So things are going really well, I dont want to leave this area....but I have at least 5 weeks left here.  I think I will probably get transferred after this because usually you have no more than 6 months in one area.  
But yes, everything is going well, I am very happy and learning a lot! Missions are great.  

Have a great week! 
Love Hermana Young

Monday, July 21, 2014


Well this week was great because guess what....YAXKIN, ALBERTO, and NELLY GOT BAPTIZED yesterday!!!!! After three months of working with them and several road blocks, they finally got married on Tuesday morning! And we celebrated with them, we ate tacos :) And then they all got baptized as a family on Sunday after church.  It was funny though because in order to have hot water, we have to turn on the boiler....but apparently there was some kind of bacteria in the boiler that made the hot water smell like rotten eggs, so we had to settle for cold water.  And we didnt want to tell them that it was cold...especially Yaxkin, she´s kind of a drama queen.  But Alberto went complaints.  Then Yaxkin....and the instant she got in the water, she was like AHH its freezing hahahaha.  But she did it lol. An then poor Nelly, she is 10, and I don't know why she never mentioned this before, but she has a fear of water...she started crying and once she put her foot in the water, she just turned right back around. But Rodrigo (our recent convert) was the one who baptized them, he helped her and told her that Heavenly Father was with her and that she would be okay... and she calmed down and she did it. :) And they were all so happy, it was such a good program too.  Afterwards they all got up and shared their testimonies...even Jesus the 6 year old.  It was so sweet.  And Hermana Medwin and I had bought a ridiculously beautiful oreo cake from this bakery called Esperanza on Saturday. And last night after the baptism we went to their house and surprised them with the cake and we watched The Testaments.  
Other than that this week was pretty good, my companion got sick though with some kinds of stomach flu :( so we had two days where we didnt leave the house.  I took advantage of the time to study and watch some church movies and study some more.  It was fine..although I was going a little stir crazy.  But she´s better now. And we also went to a elementary school graduation that Claudi´s little brother invited us too, he graduated 6th grade.  It was fun, they really go ALL out for everything, they had choreographed dances and costumes, and even released a dove! haha it was funny. And today we will find out if we have transfers...I had a dream last night that I was leaving, so I'm pretty sure I'm getting transferred to a new area.  But I'll let you know.  
Have a great week! 
Love Hermana Young

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

weekly email

Well this week started out kind of disappointing, but it ended good.  Remember the woman Cinthia...well I was so sure she was going to progress a lot and get baptized. But she texted us on tuesday during our zone meeting and said that she had received an answer to her prayers, that the Catholic church was true and told us we could come and pick up their books of mormom.  We were so sad, I just felt so sad and confused too at how she got her answer.  So we went by her house that night and of course we didnt take the books back, but we talked with her and mostly just listened.  She explained how she went to a mass and felt something really special there. She was so sure about it too and happy with her decision, so there wasnt really anything we could do.  And that whole day it just seemed like everyone we talked to was just rejecting us and didn't want to accept anything we said.  Missions arent easy.  But I tried to keep a positive attitude and remember my testimony and why I´m here.  And when I think about how much Ive learned, and grown, and the people that Ive met and learned from in these past almost 6 months, I feel happy, because, yes there are bad days but there are much more good days. 
And although the week started out not so great, we had some great lessons this week with our investigators who are progressing.  And we had some good lessons with some less active members too.  And on Saturday, Rodrigo came on all of our lessons with us...usually he comes with us whenever he isn't working, its great.  And he introduced us to one of his friends who is 19 and his name is Angel, anyways we talked with him a little and he said he would come to church. And he did! And now he has a baptismal date for the 10th of August.  So we are very happy.  And Yaxkin and Alberto had an appointment at the delegation to get married this morning at 8am....we still havent heard whether it happened or not but I am hopeful....and then their whole family can get baptized on Sunday. 
This morning we had a zone activity and played soccer (well not me bacause I hate soccer), and threw a football and a frisbee around and volleyball too and then we ate dorilocos...they are doritos with lime and carrots and cucumber and spicy stuff and peanuts and basically everything you can think of....they are kinda gross.  haha but it was fun. 
Well that is all for now :)
Have a great week
Love Hermana Young

Monday, July 7, 2014

Week 21

Well this past week was quite good.  The best part was that we started teaching two new investigators who are super buenas. Remember the woman that is catholic and said she doesn't want to change...? Well we visited her this week.  She lives with her mom and her neice. Her mom is very old and basically cant leave the house and her neice has a rare illness and she is paralized from the waist down.  They are some of the nicest people I have met so far on my mission.  The first lesson with them, Rodrigo was with us (our recent convert who basically comes with us on every lesson when he isn't working), and they were talking about how in their church and in their family no one really seems to have a desire to help them even though they are struggling. And I think that is why she let us visit her, because we sincerely offered to help her.  But my companion and I were a little nervous about this visit because she had said she wasnt really willing to listen becasue she was content with her religion.  But we shared a few scriptures about charity and love and talked about how in Christ´s true church the members serve others with love. And we talked about our purpose as missionaries and about the book of mormon.  And her neice Ingrid and her seemed to really have a sincere interest and I could definitely feel the spirit.  And then we asked them when we could come back and they were like, well tomorrow... :) so we went back the next day and taught them the restoration.  They had a lot of questions and doubts (because this is differerent from what they have heard their whole lives) but they were accepting of it.  And then we went back a couple days later and taught them about the plan of salvation.  Again she had a lot of questions and doubts...but, again I think they felt the spirit. Also I think the investigators that have doubts and questions are the ones that progress the quickest.  And then Rodrigo and another Rodrigo who we are teaching went and picked them up Sunday morning for church and they really liked it I think.  And we are planning on going to the visitors center with them on saturday.  They still havent accepted a baptismal date, but we have hope that very soon they will.  
Also this week it rained a TON! but I bought rain boots last pday, and Im really glad I did.  And my companion and I sang again in church yesterday.  In ward council last week we talked about ways to immprove the ward.  One thing we´re gonna start doing is having a missionary moment before the talks every sunday...every week one of us four missionaries will share something little for a minute or two.  And they said my companion and I should sing more haha.  Oh and on the fourth of July we ate with some members who own a restaurant and we had burgers and then since it was the fourth of July they brought us strawberries with whipped cream, donuts and chocolate milkshakes haha! Even though I'm the only missionary in our ward who is American ( two from Canada and one from Mexico).  So that was special.  Then she hugged me and told me so funny! 
And in not so good news Yaxkin and Alberto STILL didnt get married.  Yaxkin left the whole week to visit family. But she comes back today, so we are hoping to have a family home evening with them tonight and we are still hoping and praying that they will get married this week POR FIN! and then they can get baptized on sunday.  

And that was my week :) 
Love Hermana Young