Thursday, September 25, 2014

Mammoth Moth

Welllll this week, what happened...?  I feel like nothing too exciting, but it was a good week.  My 
companion got sick one day and so we just sat in the house haha it was quite boring, but I caught up on some sleep which is always nice.  My companion loves Harry Potter so she basically quote me the entire first Harry Potter movie while she was sick lol.  That was interesting haha, and hilarious.  And we have a baptism planned for this Saturday, so we´re hoping he´ll be ready. His name is Ricardo and he is like 70, he is an interesting man.  But he has been coming to church every Sunday for a while, so that is good...better than a lot of members.  Oh and this week our ward is having another talent show, and my companion are going to sing I am a child of God, while keeping a beat with cups (like in the movie pitch perfect...the cup song).  haha I hope it works, cause its pretty cool.  

 Okie dokie, well I don't think we have any new or exciting stories for now...other than the other day we were walking down the street and this white American family is walking the other way....I was like this is so weird, what are they doing here? Because my area is not a tourist there are no American people...just us.   They walked past us and just nonchalantly said good afternoon in English!
haha It was so weird.  My companion and I were just like ummm, are we in the twilight zone. hahaha


Friday, September 19, 2014

Well, this week was good.  We had exchanges, and I for the first time was the one to leave my area...It was so weird not knowing where I was..It actually made me kind of home sick for Zaragoza.  It was good, but I just love my area and I'm glad I'm here for at least 4 more weeks.  
Well, yesterday was a great day at church, the talks were really good and our class too.  Then during relief society, the elders called us and so we went downstairs (relief soc. is upstairs) to see if they needed us for something.   But they weren't we went outside to call them because there is no signal in the church.  And they didnt answer, but while we were out there this young man came up to us and asked us for help with money and explained that he was in a hard situation and just needed 10 pesos for the metro, and he was willing to work and everything.  So we invited him into the church and we went and sat during the rest of priesthood with him haha, and after we gave him a book of mormon and 10 pesos and got his address so the missionaries where he lives can visit him.  But it was a funny experience and to think if the elders hadn't randomly called us we wouldn't have been outside to meet him.  
Today we had a zone activity.  It was fun, we played volleyball and ate Dominos Pizza, I was happy to have real american food, the mexican pizza never has sauce on it and everyone just puts ketchup on it. And also today is Mexican independance day.  They celebrate it today and tomorrow...tonight they have this thing called the grita, where the President and other goverment people yell ¡Viva Mèxico! and other things :) and everyone eats posole which is like a soup with homony in it and usually chicken and its quite good.  so thats pretty exciting. 
Apparently tonight they are going to have LOTS of fireworks and carnivals and so basically we won't be sleeping much tonight.  Some members invited us to go eat posole with them tomorrow morning. So that should be fun.  

Alrighty Tighty have a great week :) 
Love Hermana Young

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

I didnt get transferred!!! my companion and I are still here in Zaragoza
together, so Im very happy :)  but Im pretty sure this will be my last cycle here... ;( 
So this week was good, but I have been soo tired this whole week..
my left eye has been twitching for a week straight, in fact it is twitching 
as I write this.  But its okay. 
Oh and did I mention before that the bishop broke his femur? He´s been 
recuperating for a few weeks now, but he fell down the stairs...they have these
metal spiral stairs basically in every house, and they are dangerous.  
Our recent converts are doing well, Rodrigo M. went on a temple trip with the 
stake and did baptisms for the dead, the nearest temple is in Veracruz (like
5 hours away). And tonight we are going to have a family home evening with 
other recent converts and talk about temples.  I cant wait till the temple opens
up here ill be about next June I think, so I will still be here :) 
And basically nothing too exciting happened this week that I can remember.
But it was good.  
Have a great week. 
Hermana Young

Monday, September 1, 2014

Hola! Well this week we had another miracle baptism.  Sharon, the 17 year old who does tae kwon do had her baptism scheduled for yesterday after church during the same baptismal service as Isaac (who just turned 8, in our ward).  But, she didn't show up! So we were sad and prayed and figured we would have to wait until the next week.  But then she came in the middle of the baptism of Isaac...which was great...BUT, her mom still hadn't signed her baptismal record (since she´s under 18), so we couldn't get baptized without her signature.  And we felt so bad because she had came and had white clothes and all of her stuff ready, and she really was so ready for baptism and has already read like half of the book of Mormon.  And then...her mom and her older sister showed up! and she signed the record and Sharon was able to get baptized! And she was so happy :) 
I don't know why every baptism we have is a crazy story but it makes it exciting at least haha.  
Anyway, that was definitely the highlight of our week.  And we will find out tonight if I am getting transferred...but I'm praying that I don't because I love my ward here and my investigators and I don't want to leave.  If I don't stay though it will almost surely be my last transfer here because I already have 6 months in this area.  

Love Hermana Young

Well This week was really great :) Tuesday was a crazy day, 
Rodrigo had told us that he was just too busy with work and 
a bunch of drama that he wasn't going to be able to be baptized
that day....and we were so sad.  So after lunch we went to go 
find him, and figured we could reschedule his baptism for Saturday. 
But then he just said...well actually I can do it today! So then we 
ran to the church because the font takes about three hours to fill 
up, so we had to go start it.  And then after it was about two inches 
full the water decided to stop working! So we started bucketing water
in for a while...haha the things we do.  But then miraculously it 
started working again.  And it was all ready in time.  It was really
a great baptismal service.  
And also, one of the elders in our ward, Elder Mendoza finished his 
mission this week.  Its so crazy how fast time goes by!
And, this week is the last week of this transfer.  I hope that I don't 
leave this area, I have almost 6 months here,  so its possible that
I could get transferred...but I think I will stay one more transfer at
least.  Definitely the longer you stay in an area the harder it is to 
leave.  I know this place like the back of my hand now, and I know
and love the people so much, so it will be hard to leave.  

I`ll send pictures next week of the baptism :) 

Have a LOVELY week! 
<3 Hermana Young