Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Lion Dog

Well my week was good!, Tell everyone at church I say hola.  Im sorry I don't have a lot of time now I have to go. We are having a baptism this Sunday.  On Thursday I threw up in a bush.  Ok that's is my week in a nutshell.

(From Mariah's Mom:...That was last week's email from Mariah ... she wrote some other stuff in answer to my email but it was more private so here's this weeks email oh and by the way I was in my friends wedding and we did a choreographed dance so you know what Mariah is referring to  ;)

 I'm glad Teahna and Jayda went to mutual, that's great.  I'm sure your dance looked wonderful, I mean you must be a good dancer...look at who your daughter is lol.  Oh and my throwing up in a bush story...well I woke up feeling kinda nauseous and icky, so I didn't exercise, and I felt kinda bad the whole day and didn't have much energy, but I hate staying home when I'm sick because then we get nothing done, and I hate having to make my companion sit at home all day too, so I just tried ignoring it.  But after about 2 o clock I decided I needed to go home a rest for a while.  So we went home for a couple hours but then we had an important lesson at 5, so we left and I was feeling really queasy, then the family wasn't even home, so we decided to go back home and on the way home I really knew I had to puke, and then I puked in a bush, and then we went home and I slept the rest of the day and I felt better the next day. I don't know if it was something I ate or just a stomach flu.   This was last week, the day after we had exchanges...also the picture of the lion dog is from last week, I was in exchanges with Hermana Bright and we were walking and all of a sudden we see this ridiculous dog trotting down the middle of the street, and we were cracking up...I think people thought we were weird, but we chased it until it stopped so we could take a picture lol.  Sooo funny.  Oh and the picture look great! Looks like you had fun.  
This past week was good, we have a baptism for Claudia tomorrow! and today we are going to the zocalo (the city) with Hermana Marcela (the yw pres in our ward, shes the one who let us use her Skype,  and she lets us wash our laundry at her house every Monday), and with Claudia, and two other companionships of hermanas in our district. I'm excited, I'll take pics and send you next week.  And we only have 2 more weeks left in this cycle! It goes by so fast! I sent Montreal a letter on Wednesday, so it should get there in a month or so haha.  Well I love you and I'm glad your doing better this week! 

Until next week,
Love Mariah 

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