Monday, September 1, 2014

Well This week was really great :) Tuesday was a crazy day, 
Rodrigo had told us that he was just too busy with work and 
a bunch of drama that he wasn't going to be able to be baptized
that day....and we were so sad.  So after lunch we went to go 
find him, and figured we could reschedule his baptism for Saturday. 
But then he just said...well actually I can do it today! So then we 
ran to the church because the font takes about three hours to fill 
up, so we had to go start it.  And then after it was about two inches 
full the water decided to stop working! So we started bucketing water
in for a while...haha the things we do.  But then miraculously it 
started working again.  And it was all ready in time.  It was really
a great baptismal service.  
And also, one of the elders in our ward, Elder Mendoza finished his 
mission this week.  Its so crazy how fast time goes by!
And, this week is the last week of this transfer.  I hope that I don't 
leave this area, I have almost 6 months here,  so its possible that
I could get transferred...but I think I will stay one more transfer at
least.  Definitely the longer you stay in an area the harder it is to 
leave.  I know this place like the back of my hand now, and I know
and love the people so much, so it will be hard to leave.  

I`ll send pictures next week of the baptism :) 

Have a LOVELY week! 
<3 Hermana Young

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