Monday, September 1, 2014

Hola! Well this week we had another miracle baptism.  Sharon, the 17 year old who does tae kwon do had her baptism scheduled for yesterday after church during the same baptismal service as Isaac (who just turned 8, in our ward).  But, she didn't show up! So we were sad and prayed and figured we would have to wait until the next week.  But then she came in the middle of the baptism of Isaac...which was great...BUT, her mom still hadn't signed her baptismal record (since she´s under 18), so we couldn't get baptized without her signature.  And we felt so bad because she had came and had white clothes and all of her stuff ready, and she really was so ready for baptism and has already read like half of the book of Mormon.  And then...her mom and her older sister showed up! and she signed the record and Sharon was able to get baptized! And she was so happy :) 
I don't know why every baptism we have is a crazy story but it makes it exciting at least haha.  
Anyway, that was definitely the highlight of our week.  And we will find out tonight if I am getting transferred...but I'm praying that I don't because I love my ward here and my investigators and I don't want to leave.  If I don't stay though it will almost surely be my last transfer here because I already have 6 months in this area.  

Love Hermana Young

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