Friday, September 19, 2014

Well, this week was good.  We had exchanges, and I for the first time was the one to leave my area...It was so weird not knowing where I was..It actually made me kind of home sick for Zaragoza.  It was good, but I just love my area and I'm glad I'm here for at least 4 more weeks.  
Well, yesterday was a great day at church, the talks were really good and our class too.  Then during relief society, the elders called us and so we went downstairs (relief soc. is upstairs) to see if they needed us for something.   But they weren't we went outside to call them because there is no signal in the church.  And they didnt answer, but while we were out there this young man came up to us and asked us for help with money and explained that he was in a hard situation and just needed 10 pesos for the metro, and he was willing to work and everything.  So we invited him into the church and we went and sat during the rest of priesthood with him haha, and after we gave him a book of mormon and 10 pesos and got his address so the missionaries where he lives can visit him.  But it was a funny experience and to think if the elders hadn't randomly called us we wouldn't have been outside to meet him.  
Today we had a zone activity.  It was fun, we played volleyball and ate Dominos Pizza, I was happy to have real american food, the mexican pizza never has sauce on it and everyone just puts ketchup on it. And also today is Mexican independance day.  They celebrate it today and tomorrow...tonight they have this thing called the grita, where the President and other goverment people yell ¡Viva Mèxico! and other things :) and everyone eats posole which is like a soup with homony in it and usually chicken and its quite good.  so thats pretty exciting. 
Apparently tonight they are going to have LOTS of fireworks and carnivals and so basically we won't be sleeping much tonight.  Some members invited us to go eat posole with them tomorrow morning. So that should be fun.  

Alrighty Tighty have a great week :) 
Love Hermana Young

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