Thursday, September 25, 2014

Welllll this week, what happened...?  I feel like nothing too exciting, but it was a good week.  My 
companion got sick one day and so we just sat in the house haha it was quite boring, but I caught up on some sleep which is always nice.  My companion loves Harry Potter so she basically quote me the entire first Harry Potter movie while she was sick lol.  That was interesting haha, and hilarious.  And we have a baptism planned for this Saturday, so we´re hoping he´ll be ready. His name is Ricardo and he is like 70, he is an interesting man.  But he has been coming to church every Sunday for a while, so that is good...better than a lot of members.  Oh and this week our ward is having another talent show, and my companion are going to sing I am a child of God, while keeping a beat with cups (like in the movie pitch perfect...the cup song).  haha I hope it works, cause its pretty cool.  

 Okie dokie, well I don't think we have any new or exciting stories for now...other than the other day we were walking down the street and this white American family is walking the other way....I was like this is so weird, what are they doing here? Because my area is not a tourist there are no American people...just us.   They walked past us and just nonchalantly said good afternoon in English!
haha It was so weird.  My companion and I were just like ummm, are we in the twilight zone. hahaha


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