Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Well, this week has been very good...hmm what can I say?. Well I'm loving my area, the members are very loving and willing to come with us to lessons, which is awesome and really helps.  Oh and my stomach started hurting in the middle of the night on Wednesday, it was like a sharp pain in the middle of my stomach that would build up slowly and hurt really bad, and then go away, and then start again.  We tried to still go out but ended up going back home because it was really hurting.  We called the mission presidents wife, and she said to call the doctor, we ended up having to go to the visitors center because my companion had a meeting the next day, and I went to the doctors while I was there...and his conclusion was that I had parasites! I don't know how I got them, but we eat at member´s houses everyday...so that's possible.  Anyway, he prescribed me something for the pain and something to kill the parasites, and I guess it worked because I feel completely better now.  But yeah, that was fun.  I feel like my language abilities are improving a lot and I'm able to understand much better. 

Chad emailed me, it sounds like he is loving Argentina, its green and tropical, and he likes his companion...and he already had 2 baptisms in his first week there, and he said the kids follow him because he is so tall, how fun! I still haven't had a baptism :( ...but we have an investigator who is really great, and she came to church yesterday with her husband and her son! and we are going to teach her twice this week and go to the visitors center with her! So hopefully she will be able to get baptized soon!  Oh and we finally got hot water this week! So showering is much nicer, our apartment is not super nice or anything but it has everything we need, and yes, I feel safe here, we have to be in my 8 every night.  It has been really hot during the day and then rainy in the afternoon, night time, and lots of thunder, which I love! Its amazing being a missionary, because we have had a few times this last week, when we are on our way to an appointment or something, not even particularly looking for people to talk to, when they seek us out and start talking to us and ask us to come teach them! It always surprises me, but its so great! 

Anyways, it sounds like you are all having fun! But yeah, a mission is worth it, sometimes it is hard and I'm discouraged, but I remember my purpose here and just have faith.  
Okay love you!... Until next week

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