Monday, March 24, 2014

Okay so I know you want to hear a lot and I want to write a lot but I dont really have a lot of time today, we are in an internet cafe and we did our laundry at the stake presidents house this morning and we spent a lot of our time there because it took a couple hours or so...maybe next week we´ll schedule it differently.  But I am now in the Zaragoza ward in the Moctezuma stake and the ward was just split this transfer into two areas, the elders who were here before are still in the ward just proselyting in a different area, and me and my companion Hermana Medwin (the one who I exercised with in the mornings in the vc, and shes Canadian) are in the our area.  It has been a rollercoaster week, difficult, but also enjoyable, also discouraging, and a huge learning experience.  Hermana Medwin has 5 months on the mission, and she speaks spanish pretty well, but has a difficult time understanding everything.  I have gotten much better at understanding, but lessons are interesting because everyone LOVES to talk and tell long winded stories, and we really don´t understand a whole lot of it.  It has been hard and I feel that we work well together but we just have different personalities, but all in all it is good.  And as time goes by we are learning to work better together.  In our area there are a lot of less active members and there isnt a whole lot of unity in our ward, which is what us, the elders, the ward mission leader, and the bishop are trying to improve.  Our goal is to have a family home evening with at least one family every week, and give 2 lessons a day to members, and have one lesson with a member present everyday if possible.  I have hope and am excited to focus on these goals.  We also have a few new investigators.  I talked in church yesterday about service, I think it went really well, I really do feel much better about my spanish.  Also, it is sooo hot here, at night its fine but during the day I feel like I live in an oven. Although it has been difficult this week there really are tender mercies everyday that make it all worth it. Ok Thats all for now, have a great week!

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