Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Weekly Email

 Yes, thank goodness I feel much better now, the medicine just killed everything I hope.  And yes, me and my companion are working well together...as we practice and have a solid plan things go much smoother and the spirit is much stronger.  Well, we have a few investigators with baptism dates! One is a young girl who is 20; a woman in our ward gave us her moms address as a reference. We taught the mom once, but she wasn't/isn't really interested.  Then we went back and her daughter and son were there and not her, so we taught them and the daughter is the one who really has an interest, we taught her the first three lessons and she went to conference on Saturday, we set a baptismal date for her for the 4th of may...her mom doesn't want her to get baptized though, so that is our obstacle. And the woman, and her husband (well..boy friend), and 6 year old son, have a date set for the 27th, but they need to get married first, so I'm hoping that works out without too many issues, because they really want to get baptized.  Also, we met a man in the internet cafe last week, he is preparing/investigating to become a Jehovah's Witness, he came up to us and was asking some questions and seemed really interested in learning more...we taught him once, and then he went to all of the sessions of conference! The Elders in our ward went with him to the priesthood session too and afterwards he just said ¨wow¨...haha I think he definitely felt the spirit, and we taught him another lesson and hopefully he will progress more.  Also, today is my companions birthday, so we came to the visitors center for a zone activity in our old zone, we played volleyball and water balloon volleyball, and then went to a taco restaurant and ate cake...and my ex compañera told me that one of our investigators is getting baptized in 2 weeks and...I was so happy because another one of our investigators who is 18 and was kind of stubborn finally got baptized yesterday!! Anyways, all is good and I'm enjoying my area. Sounds like you are all having fun.  I don't know of anyone having packages ransacked, but it always possible I guess, but hopefully not likely. I do know that it takes forever though for them to get here...like a month.  Oh wow, Brian comes home already...time flies so fast.  I only have 2 months but it feels shorter.  And the weather is for sure HOT, but its not intolerable.  
We watched conference in the stake center (in Moctezuma) and we had to watch it in Spanish (a new rule)...but I really think I learned a lot and understood mostly all of it! I liked all of the talks, but especially Elder Uchdorf´s (now keep in mind that I watched this all in Spanish, so feel free to be impressed).  He talked about gratitude, and how we should always recognize the blessing from God in our lives.  Even in times of difficult trials and afflictions, we are still receiving blessings- always be grateful for these.   Do not dwell on the things that you lack, but be grateful for all that you have.  And in times of pain, and in all times, rely on the atonement of Jesus Christ, because this is central in Gods plan for us.  With eyes of faith, we can see far beyond our difficulties- and hope for things that we cannot see, with a conviction that they are true.  Gratitude is a manifestation of faith in God´s plan that we each chose personally before we came to the Earth.  Remember His plan and that we are made of eternal material.  And accept each day with gratitude. 
and I attached some pics of my apartment, and the last one is today at the restaurant with (from left to right) Me, hna Izaguirre, hna Fowler, Hna Medwin (mi compañera)

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