Monday, March 17, 2014

Que Pasa Calabaza

This week was really good, Im kinda sad that it is my last week in the visitors center, but I am also looking forward to being in the area full time, tomorrow I find out who my new companion is and my new area.  Today our pday started at 3pm, the half day thing is only for the visitors center though, so next week my pday will most likely be on monday and it will be until 6pm, and then we work for a couple hours and have to be in by 8pm I think.  Today was my last day in the visitors center and it was so good, we gave three tours, one with some elders who brought two members from their area and two little boys who´s family are being taught by the missionaries.  They were so sweet and fun.  And then a couple, the wife was a member and the husband is getting baptized the 27th of April.  We  talked to them about the importance of temples and showed them God´s plan for Families video, and at the end the wife was crying a lot, and said she never thought she would have the chance to be sealed to her husband and she was so happy that he is getting baptized and that they will be able to go to the temple in a year (or when it opens).  And the third was really special, they were a couple who were Catholic (by tradition at least) and some missionaries had given them an invitation to the Centro de visitantes, and they came just becauuse they were curious, but they were so nice and we taught them about prophets and the restoration and the book of mormon and they really felt the spirit and were excited to read it and continue to learn more.  
This week has been good, but also sad because one of the senior couple missionaries, Elder and Sister Yates, who work in the vc had to leave becuase elder yates had health complications.  And then Hermana Zobrist, another one of the senior couple missionaries, had a stroke caused by a brain tumor, and was rushed to the hospital and the surgery went well but she is still recovering.  My companion and I fasted and prayed for her, and we are still praying for their family.  
I know that acting in faith is very important, we all have challenges and weaknesses and trials, but they are all for a purpose, and if we continue acting in faith, trusting in the Lord´s plan, praying and reading the scriptures we will be able to access the grace of the atonement of Jesus.  I love the scripture in Jacob 4:7 that says ¨Nevertheless, the Lord God showeth us our weakness that we may know that it is by His grace, and His condenscensions unto the children of men, that we may have power to do these things.¨ Basically this is saying that we are given weaknesses so that we will learn to rely on the Lord to make up for  what we lack, and when we are able to accomplish things that are difficult we recognize and know that it is by the grace of our savior that we are able to it.  But we still have to act in faith and try our very best.  So I encourage all of you to continue praying sincerely and reading your scriptures because they really contain all of the answers, and will help you to be happy.  

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