Monday, March 3, 2014

Earlier email than expected!

Note From Jana:
I always email Mariah by Saturday or Sunday but this week didn't but since I knew her pday was on Tuesday planned on emailing her today...which I did but too late!!!! She now has pday on Monday for a while at least. That's my disclaimer before you read her weekly email:)

I assume nothing new or exciting has happened since you didnt write me :( but that´s okay...they changed the pday schedule so that it is always on monday (at least while I´m still in the visitor´s center) and one week we have pday from 9am to 3pm and the next week we have in from 9am to 9pm.  Today I have half day, it was good though, we woke up at 6:15 and went to the gymnasium/cultural hall thing and one of the Hermanas who is from Canada has a work out book with a bunch of hard exercises, led us and it felt great :) haha. And then we cleaned the kitchen and I took a shower and washed my clothes. Then we came to check our emails in the morning, we do that so we can print them and write back later since our time is limited...but I only had two, and you didnt write me so I wrote you an email telling you to write me so I could write you back now, but you didnt. But dont worry I still love you.  Okay, and then we went to the store and bought some food for the week and bought ice cream cones, which made me very happy.  And then we went home and slept for almost 2 hours, it was great.  And then at 3pm our pday ends.  We have companion study and then tours the rest of the night.  Its usually not very busy on mondays or any week day... most likely becuase the temple is closed ( I told you that right), the temple is closed for 18 months (starting in nov) so usually the VC is only really busy on the weekends.  I like it though.  But I will most likely be full time area starting next cycle , which is in two weeks, and will finish my training in the field, most likely with an american companion bacause only american sister missionaries are in the field, not in the visitors center...since my call isnt to the visitors center.  

Also I sent Kenyan a letter, it costs about 30 or so pesos to mail a letter from the post office which is what I did, but apparently if you have american stamps, it is free and one of the leaders or someone travels to The States and mails them their, which might be better.  So if you send me a letter or a package, if you could mail me some stamps, that would make it easier for me to send letters.  Im not sure how long it takes for stuff to mail though, last week Chad said he sent me a letter, and I still havent gotten it takes longer than a week haha.  
Anyways, this week went by very fast, we had some good tours, and good visits with members and invesigators.  I got to do a tour in English! It was funny becuase me and my companion traded roles, usually she talks a lot and I just chip in here and there and share my testimony or something but this time I talked a lot and she shared her testimony about the book of mormon at the end.  But even her broken english testimony was still meaningful, and that made me feel more confident to try and talk in spanish even more because I realized that even though she only said a few sentences, they still listened and recognized the importance of her words.  But I still was happy to be the one talking more and understanding everything they were saying, even if it was only once.  But after that, I felt like I was more confident in speaking spanish in our other tours.  Okay and about that corn on the cob with was so gross.  I should have known since I am not a mayo fan, but anyway it was corn on the cob slathered with mayo, dipped in white shredded cheese and sprinkled with chile powder, everyone seems to think its heaven on a stick, but I really wanted to puke, I cant believe I ate that. And I tried tacos from the street for the first time, one of the bishops owns this little taco stand.  I thought the meat was chicken, but apparently it was cow...? and it was good, but my stomach was not happy with me after I ate it.  I havent gotten really sick yet, but my stomach just always feels kind of off, who knows I probably have a parisite.  Just kidding I dont think I do, its probably just adjusting to the new foods.  One of the hermanas fractured her foot walking on the sidewalk...since its really unlevel. And she is using crutches, we have a picture of me pushing her in a wheelchair, but no one sent it to me yet.  Anyway, she was in the area fulltime, but now she is in the visitors center until her foot heals... and hermana fowler is her companion so she is still going to the area everyday but with a different companion everyday, so we are having a lot of exchanges to accommodate.  Its pretty exciting.  So, tell people to email me, I want to hear what is going on in WA, Bapa told me church was cancelled because of snow! thats hard to believe since its so hot here! Love you, take care, and keep me updated. 
Love, Hermana Young
oh and when/if you send me a for a holiday or something, I would like some good crackers because all they have here are plain ritz...I need something with some pizazz lol and a new outfit would be nice too lol.  okay love you

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