Monday, March 10, 2014

P-Day Email :)

ok I sent you a ton of pictures! yay
Okay here it goes I will try my best to answer all of your questions :) 
Oh and i got your email right after I sent mine last week...I was able to read it because i just printed it off real quick so no worries.
Pdays are always Monday from now on. In the visitors center they have it so one week is half of the day and the next is the entire day, Im fine with it really.  It trades off with the two districts that work in the vc so that there is enough people working or something.  But this is my last week in the Monday will be my lats pday in the vc and it will be half day. And then we have CAMBIOS...which means i'll be moving and getting a new companion and i'll be in the field full time.  So im excited! 
Im not sure why american misisonaries are only in the field...i guess there are latina missionaries in the field too, but many of them are in the field and in the area like my companion.  
My week was great.  The mtc kids come here to have tours about once a week, and this week they were american! So I got to give another tour in english, I gave it with hermana Nava who speaks english pretty well.  It was really fun and reminded me of when I was a young lad in the mtc 3 weeks ago.  Oh those were the days...just kidding.  But it was great.  And Ive been exercising (seriously) in the and my companion wake up 15 mins early and go to the gym and hermana medwin who is from canada leads us in exercises that are really hard...and ive been pretty sore, but I feel great.  Hopefully I can keep that up because most of the hermanas whove been here for a long time say theyve gained a lot of weight.  Which I can understand because especially in the visitors center we dont walk all day...mostly we stand or sit.  And in mexico they eat huge lunches and then we dont really eat the rest of the day...which maybe isnt healthy because then at night your hungry and eat really late.  I dont know....
Oh and I talked in church yesterday! Hermana Fowler was told that she was giving a talk and so she prepared and everything, but they didnt tell me that they wanted me to talk.  BUt since I knew that Hermana Fowler was talking I prepared a little something just in case...and then the bishop said that he wanted two missionaries to talk.  She took a good 10 mins or so, and then I went up and he told me to only take 5 mins because we didnt have time so I just shared a couple scriptures and my testimony.  It was fun because we both are not super proficient in the language but we shared a similar message and they understood I think :) haha 
And also yesterday we had a little program in the visitors center and I sang ¨never a better hero¨in spanish with hermana Nava and Hermano Miguel (who is a member).  It was really fun.  And after I had my first zone meeting, it was fun too.  And today we went to the city! the real city! i was so shocked that it looked like a modern city with tall buildings, becuase our area is pretty poor.  There was a Catholic Cathedral (I attached some pics).  I really wanted to go inside since ive never seen one before...but the other hermanas dont really like it becuase its kind of dark and weird feeling inside.  But i begged my companion to go with me just so I could at least see was interesting, and it was kind of dark and there were lots of statues of saints and shrines and candles and elaborate things. But Im glad I got to at least see it.  
And sadly, our baptism that was supposed to be yesterday fell through, she basically fled the city, and didnt come back in time and wouldnt answer her phone :(. But we had some good lessons and some new contacts.  We have been taking the ¨Centro Para Visitantes¨ cards and inviting people and asking them if theyve been before and all that stuff, and many times they are usually really nice and willing to listen and we got a few phone numbers and addresses to go and teach them this week.  We also teach and visit a lot of less active members.  And everyday we are in the field we eat at a members house...usually its pretty good, I havent had anything I hated or loved yet though, just good.  And I feel that I am getting more confident with the language slowly but surely!
Well it sounds like you all are doing great.  It takes forever for letters to get mailed...Chad sent me one like 2 or 3 weeks ago and I still havent gotten email best, but letters are fun too.  And I still havent gotten really sick...but usually at leaste once a day I just get a gross sick feeling in my stomach so hopefully that stops eventually. Ok well im not sure if I answered all of your qs but I have to go.  Love you! 

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