Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Everything is going great :) ...So Im still in the visitors center, but we are half visitors center and half in the area; which I really like because then I have a bit of variety.  My companion, Hermana Contreres (my trainer aka "madre") is great and yes I still like her haha, she is silly and weird like me so we get along...and she tries to speak english sometimes which is nice but also funny.  She is from northern mexico.  My spanish has its ups and downs...sometimes I just feel like an alien who has entered a planet where no one can understand me and I cant understand anyone...its a bit overwhelming and sometimes makes me sad because I just cant express myself the way I want to.  But I am improving, and in reality it is only my first/second week so im trying to be optomistic about it.  But there are also times when I feel like I was really able to say what I wanted to and was able to understand and communicate like a real person, so that gives me hope.  Usually we are in the visitors center one day and in the area the next.  In the visitors center we have shifts of working at the front desk, giving tours, and working in the telephone center.  Its usually not too busy so we spend a lot of time watching movies and studying when there arent people...movies about the gospel of course, which is nice becuase it helps me with my spanish too I think.  I really enjoy giving tours...it is similar to the temple square visitors center, there is the statue of Christ and a room about prophets and the restoration and the Gods plan for families video with the rooms all decorated cool, and theres also an area about mexican history, and a childrens area that is pretty cool.  We gave a tour yesterday to three people, two were members and the other wasnt but her son who had recently died was a member and so she was investigating...we taught her about the prophets and the Book of Mormon and we watched Gods Plan for Families and told her that she would be able to see her son again. She said that she was sure that she would see him again, and we set a baptismal date for her for march 30th! I am so happy for her.  Also on sunday we had a choir program here and a lot of people came and we gave tours afterwards. In our area (every other day or so) we just met a new investigator and taught him about the book of mormon, and we usually try to visit recent converts and less active members too...and we eat with members also which really doesnt give us much time to be out...we leave at about noon and have to be back by 6 usually or sometimes earlier if we have a shift at the visitors center too.  Church was good, its prettty much the same set up but a little different, except they didnt have anyone who could play the piano, so hermana fowler played...me and my companion and hermana fowler and her companion are in same ward, at least for now, and we taught the gospel principals class to less active members that came to church...there were only two, and four of us teaching, and during relief society I completly zoned out...I find I do that sometimes here in Spanish speaking Mexico...oh and they didnt ask me to introduce myself or anything.  And we usually would have ward council but we didnt last sunday...I would tell you why but im not sure becuase I dont understand half of the things people tell me :).   I havent gotten sick yet knock on wood...Hermana Fowler and her companion did though, but they eat at members houses everyday becuase they are only in the field not the visitors center... and I guess they caught a bug :(.   Tell Jayda that is awesome and to keep it up! If you take a trip have fun and send me pictures! But all is well, im adjusting, and I love all of the other hermanas here in the visitors center.  Oh and most people call me Hermana Jung, or make some comment about it being a chinese name or make a comment about brigham young, which is funny.  I appreciate everyone who has written me! I will try and write back!  Anyway, some of the other hermanas are waiting for us, we are going to go buy corn on a stick with mayo...supposedly I have to try it becuase its delicious, but it sounds gross to me..and maybe ill try the crickets too.. Love you, Have a great week!
Love Hermana Young

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