Tuesday, February 18, 2014

In Mexico!!

Hola a Todos!
I am finally in Mexico City after 11 whole days in the mtc! Me and my companion Hermana Fowler arrived together last night and Presidente Anaya and his wife picked us up.  They are very sweet people.  We are staying at the visitors center for the Mexico City Temple for about 4 weeks in dormitorios. Some missionaries are only at the visitors center but they put all of the americans in the field..so I will be in the field later, since we came early and not during a normal transfer period, I think that is why we are staying at the visitors center mostly.  Today I got my new Companion, Hermana Contreres, who is from mexico. It is funny becuause although I can understand and speak the language, at times I cant very well...I just met her today, but there have been a few times when she says something to me and I stare blankely lol... but I love her already, she is very nice and she understands english too so the language barrier is not too bad.  Our mission president committed us (me and hna fowler) to read the entire book of mormon in spanish, and he said that will help us with the language.  The actual temple is closed for basically the whole duration of my mission...but it is a beautiful temple.  It is hot and sunny here, but it was definitely cold last night and this morning when I exercised outside.  So far I have eaten tortillas and eggs and then we ate burger king for lunch, our mission president said to never eat the street food becuase it will make you sick. Today is pday so I havent started teaching anyone yet or anything but I cant wait to.  Yesterday on the plane on the way to mexico I sat next to the sweetest mexiacan lady who had been in Georgia visiting her daughter,  she only spoke spanish so it was good practive for me, I talked to her a little about the gospel and she said that it was so beautiful and she even got emotional, and, I told her that it was the spirit that gave her the feeling of peace that she had.  It was an awesome experience, I love being a missionary, and being a representative of Jesus Christ! I havent seen much of mexico city yet but so far the people are so nice and welcoming and I am excited for the next 17.5 months.  !Dios Les ama a todos sus hijos y hijas, incluye usted! Hasta Luego!  
I will hopefully have some pictures to post soon but I will probably put them in a separate email.  Love you! 

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