Tuesday, February 11, 2014

She finally emailed!

Everything is going great. It is VERY hard but also VERY rewarding and worth it! I really love it so far, and I have learned so much and grown so much within the last week its insane!.  My P-day is Tuesday in the mtc so make sure you write me by Monday :) and there is also a website called dearelder.com, and whatever you send to me will be printed out and put in my mailbox everyday which would be wonderful....I think it is only for while In the MTC though.  (side note from Amanda- you can send dearelder letters even after she's in Mexico just select Mexico City East Mission and they will print and send your letter for free. See the 'contact me' page above for more contact info)
So after you dropped me off, I was rushed from place to place and then I met one of my teachers and he led me to a room to do a computer orientation thing, and that's where my district and zone were waiting for me...I was the last one to arrive since my name starts with a Y.  I love my companion! Her name is Hermana Fowler and she is from Wyoming, we get along so well and I already love her.  I will send some pictures too.  And we are both going to the same mission.  I am in an all girl district...we call it a "sistrict" and because we are in the advanced track we are supposed to be leaving next Monday.  However, my companion and I have not heard from the consolate yet...and we need to travel to either Boise or Las Vegas or Salt lake to make a visible appearance to get our visas before we can leave, so perhaps we will be her an extra week. But just make sure to answer calls from unknown numbers because I will be able to call while at the airport.  I wish I knew my travel info but I'm sure it will all work out fine.  I LOVE the girls in my district and everyone in my zone so much, as well as my branch presidency and everyone, and my teachers.  Our district has two teachers, Hermano Drapper and Hermano Rock, they are both wonderful and make classes fun and full of good stuff!  The language is for sure a challenge but I am surprised at how it isn't overly difficult for me, I was definitely intimidated at first knowing I was in advanced classes, and we really don't spend anytime on learning the language, just learning how to be good missionaries, but i understand basically everything and my speaking abilities are growing!.  They have all of the Spanish speaking missionaries on the West campus which is a mile or so away from the main MTC campus, Its fun because you get to practice Spanish with everyone :) and today (Pday) we got to go the the temple and take pictures and eat at the main campus (the orange juice tastes fine but it isnt orange juice haha) , and I bought a couple journals from the bookstore there too because I have already used 1/4 of the journal I had....I take lots of notes.  Anyway, I am loving it, there are times when I doubt my language abilities, but I just have to remember to keep practicing and trying and that it is only my first week! Teaching "investigators is really fun and also scary....but I have learned a lot about teaching and learning to truly love the people.                                                                                    

my camera is not very good quality....but I will send you more pics from my companions camera later is possible, but I don't have time today! these pics are of me and my companion Hermana Fowler and the group is my zone after the temple today :) 

I miss you a lot, but keep praying and doing your best with everything.   I Love you a bushel and a Peck and a hug around the neck! 
I will let you know my travel plans as soon as I find out and am able to write you...don't forget the dearelder.com thing

tell people to write me! 
Te Amo mucho y Dios le ama tambien :) 
ps. tell grandma I didn't have time to respond to her email but you can forward this to her.

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