Sunday, February 16, 2014

Off To Mexico!!

Yesterday I traveled to Las Vegas to get my visa and now I am ready to go to mexico city.  We are flying  at about 8:30 to ATL airport.  and have a layover from 2:15-4:55 Georgia time on Monday, this Monday the 17th!! I am not sure what the time difference is but just make sure you answer your cell phone when an unknown number calls you! I am using a call card that has limited time on it, and each new call takes away 100 mins or so, so I will probably only call you and can talk to whoever else is there...if you want to invite others, but if not that'[s okay too.  
Love you and I will talk to you on Monday before I begin my in field mission in mexico city!


  1. We just dropped her off 11 days ago !

  2. That's only 12 days in the MTC for a foreign speaking mission! That's because she's so advanced in her Spanish Language, as are the other's in her district!