Monday, August 4, 2014

Weekly Email

Wellllll, this week was very good.  My new companion and I are working well together.  We had a lot of lessons this week, Hermana Eyre is very good at talking to everyone.  Which is great, for me its still a bit uncomfortable starting off...but It always works out good.  So we have a few new people and families to teach.  We also helped a family move, so we got to wear was weird! They are a less active family and are going through a lot of hard things.  We are working to reactivate them...and they have a son who is 13 named Adrian, and we are going to try and get him baptized within the next couple weeks.  We went to the visitors center on Saturday with him and Rodrigo, and the other Rodrigo, and Antonio (who is Claudia's little brother) (I'll attach the pic) It was really fun and we all felt the spirit.  Rodrigo is going to get baptized in a week we think.  Today, Hermana Marcela made us crepes with cream cheese and blackberry jam and lechera (basically sweetened condensed milk) and they were heavenly.  Well that was my week in a nutshell :) have a great week!
Love Hermana Young

the first pic is me and Sylvia..shes an investigator that works for the govt here so she wears a yellow vest

And one of hna medwin, claudia and I the day hna medwin left

and the visitors center

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