Thursday, August 21, 2014

Well this week was good.  We did lots of things. 
Well, we have Rodrigo who is going to be baptized 
on Tuesday, and Sharon and Adrian on the 31st.  
Today we have a zone activity, and we´re going to 
play volleyball with water balloons! So that's exciting.  
Also we decided to star up our English class again in 
the church on Saturday mornings. It was really fun, we 
taught how to pray in English, and then how to introduce 
yourself, and we practiced some verbs.  Then we played
this game where you have a sticky note on your head
with an animal in English, and you have to ask questions
to guess what animal you was hilarious.  
Well, I'm looking forward to this week because Rodrigo is 
finally getting baptized!!

Have a great week!

I will attach some pictures of the view from our roof of our area :) 

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