Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Well, things are going good.  Yes, I'm enjoying it.  Sometimes it's weird to think that I'm in Mexico, and I just spend all  day 24/7 with one person walking around talking to strangers in a different language.  haha but I'm having fun and learning a lot.  We have three baptisms  planned for this month that are pretty set and sure.  Rodrigo, for next week Tuesday, Sharon for the 24th...she is 17 and has all of the lessons from elders who live where her Dad lives, but she actually lives here in our area with her Grandma, and she wants to be baptized, So she came to church with us yesterday and needs to have three attendances in our ward to be baptized here.  And Adrian...he is 13 and his Mom is less active, the missionaries taught and baptized his family 7 years ago, but he was too young to, but he is really good, it's sad because their family has a lot of problems and he can't read either...we are going to try and help him learn, and  help reactivate their family.  

Love you too!

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