Tuesday, July 15, 2014

weekly email

Well this week started out kind of disappointing, but it ended good.  Remember the woman Cinthia...well I was so sure she was going to progress a lot and get baptized. But she texted us on tuesday during our zone meeting and said that she had received an answer to her prayers, that the Catholic church was true and told us we could come and pick up their books of mormom.  We were so sad, I just felt so sad and confused too at how she got her answer.  So we went by her house that night and of course we didnt take the books back, but we talked with her and mostly just listened.  She explained how she went to a mass and felt something really special there. She was so sure about it too and happy with her decision, so there wasnt really anything we could do.  And that whole day it just seemed like everyone we talked to was just rejecting us and didn't want to accept anything we said.  Missions arent easy.  But I tried to keep a positive attitude and remember my testimony and why I´m here.  And when I think about how much Ive learned, and grown, and the people that Ive met and learned from in these past almost 6 months, I feel happy, because, yes there are bad days but there are much more good days. 
And although the week started out not so great, we had some great lessons this week with our investigators who are progressing.  And we had some good lessons with some less active members too.  And on Saturday, Rodrigo came on all of our lessons with us...usually he comes with us whenever he isn't working, its great.  And he introduced us to one of his friends who is 19 and his name is Angel, anyways we talked with him a little and he said he would come to church. And he did! And now he has a baptismal date for the 10th of August.  So we are very happy.  And Yaxkin and Alberto had an appointment at the delegation to get married this morning at 8am....we still havent heard whether it happened or not but I am hopeful....and then their whole family can get baptized on Sunday. 
This morning we had a zone activity and played soccer (well not me bacause I hate soccer), and threw a football and a frisbee around and volleyball too and then we ate dorilocos...they are doritos with lime and carrots and cucumber and spicy stuff and peanuts and basically everything you can think of....they are kinda gross.  haha but it was fun. 
Well that is all for now :)
Have a great week
Love Hermana Young

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