Monday, July 21, 2014


Well this week was great because guess what....YAXKIN, ALBERTO, and NELLY GOT BAPTIZED yesterday!!!!! After three months of working with them and several road blocks, they finally got married on Tuesday morning! And we celebrated with them, we ate tacos :) And then they all got baptized as a family on Sunday after church.  It was funny though because in order to have hot water, we have to turn on the boiler....but apparently there was some kind of bacteria in the boiler that made the hot water smell like rotten eggs, so we had to settle for cold water.  And we didnt want to tell them that it was cold...especially Yaxkin, she´s kind of a drama queen.  But Alberto went complaints.  Then Yaxkin....and the instant she got in the water, she was like AHH its freezing hahahaha.  But she did it lol. An then poor Nelly, she is 10, and I don't know why she never mentioned this before, but she has a fear of water...she started crying and once she put her foot in the water, she just turned right back around. But Rodrigo (our recent convert) was the one who baptized them, he helped her and told her that Heavenly Father was with her and that she would be okay... and she calmed down and she did it. :) And they were all so happy, it was such a good program too.  Afterwards they all got up and shared their testimonies...even Jesus the 6 year old.  It was so sweet.  And Hermana Medwin and I had bought a ridiculously beautiful oreo cake from this bakery called Esperanza on Saturday. And last night after the baptism we went to their house and surprised them with the cake and we watched The Testaments.  
Other than that this week was pretty good, my companion got sick though with some kinds of stomach flu :( so we had two days where we didnt leave the house.  I took advantage of the time to study and watch some church movies and study some more.  It was fine..although I was going a little stir crazy.  But she´s better now. And we also went to a elementary school graduation that Claudi´s little brother invited us too, he graduated 6th grade.  It was fun, they really go ALL out for everything, they had choreographed dances and costumes, and even released a dove! haha it was funny. And today we will find out if we have transfers...I had a dream last night that I was leaving, so I'm pretty sure I'm getting transferred to a new area.  But I'll let you know.  
Have a great week! 
Love Hermana Young

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