Thursday, March 26, 2015

Carlos got baptized!

Carlos Got baptized after teaching him for 6 months, we met him in October. He 
said he would  never get baptized... never say never :)
He shared his testimony in his baptism and I think everyone teared up.  He said
ever since he met us he would pray every night and thank God for the opportunity 
he had to meet us.  He had a lot of doubts at first and for a long time, but through
fasting and sincere prayer he finally found his answer.  He says he knows without
a shadow of a doubt that this is the true church of Jesus Christ.  I love baptisms
because its almost tangible the feeling of the spirit, that testifies to all that God is well pleased.

 Carlos and mostly ysa :) I love this ward, I'm never leaving.  
 my face...
 The Guridi Family, they are a golden investigator family.  We met Claudia, the mom, 
in a zumba class that a sister in our ward teaches (yes, our pres let us go to zumba)
and they have come to church for 2 weeks now and all want to get baptized.  And 
they always feed us yummy food, they are the best :) 
Jemima is my favorite niña

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