Thursday, March 26, 2015

This week was  great! We have had a lot of work, they removed the elders that were in our ward out, so now we have the whole ward, which is very big. So, a lot of walking.   But its been very fun, I think its the busiest I've been on my whole mission. And sadly Carlos didn't decide to get baptized yesterday, but we are still going to teach him, he´s still going to church and all of the YSA activites.  We fasted with him, and he feels like he didn't receive his answer. We brought the bishop with us to teach him and what the bishop said was just what Carlos needed to hear.  Although he hasn't decided to get baptized yet, I don´t feel too sad because he is progressing a lot and although his steps are small they are steps towards Christ. we got to see Meet the Mormons!! It´s coming to theaters in mexico in a few weeks, and so they let us see it...not in the movie theaters though. But it was so good, I cried.  I encourage everyone who hasn´t seen it to gooo see it! 

 Have a wonderful week!! 
Love Hermana Young

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