Tuesday, May 6, 2014

This week has been good, we are having trouble finding new people to teach who are really interested, a lot of times we´ll make appointments with new people and then they aren't home when we go to visit them.  And we have decided to stop teaching a few people who just aren't progressing or doing anything to show an interest.  So we have hope that this week we can find new people and the investigators who are progressing will continue to progress.  We are planning on asking members for references and to come with us to contact the references...I think this will work really well, because if it is someone they know they will be more willing to really listen.  Also, it is always better when we have members with us for lessons. It is so much more effective when members and missionaries work together! So remember.. give reffernces and go teach with the missionaries! Oh and for 5 de mayo, well, I don't really know what people do here to celebrate...but its not as big of a holiday here as it is in the states lol...but tonight we are having a family home evening at the relief society presidents house, with a less active member and her grandchildren and with a family of investigators that we are teaching.  So that should be fun.  Other than that, I don't know what else is new, but I'm good and I wish you all a great week. 

Oh and yes I got your package! Thank You, everything was still in it, the crackers are delicious, and the shirt is really cute thank you! And me and Hermana Medwin are still in Zaragoza, One of the elders stayed and we have one new one in our ward.  Ok and we are planning on Skyping on Sunday (mothers day) at 4pm our time...which I believe is 2pm your time...I can't remember when church starts for you so...I hope that that works, I'm not sure what the time difference is but you can look it up on google haha....so 4pm mexico city time! and I don't remember my Skype, so I will probably be using the Rodriguez Family Skype but I'm not sure yet.  OKay I'm excited to talk to you! 

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