Thursday, April 23, 2015


This week was great.  Hermana Wilkinson and I worked super hard in the hot hot sun, and were super exhausted at the end of every day. But that is the best feeling.  Yesterday the Guridi family got baptized.  We met the mom (Claudia) through a sister in the ward and she introduced us to her family and they all progressed together and were baptized as a family.  And soon they will be sealed in the temple together for eternity.  It was such a special experience.  

 Jemima (like the pancakes) she was so happy to be getting baptized...and we were happy too!
 The Guridi Family! and the elders in our ward..Elder Winters and Hermano Vilchis 
baptized them. 

Hermana Lovell came for their baptism too :)

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