Monday, December 1, 2014

Bautismo!!! :)

So this week was good. 
The Fragoza family got baptized yesterday :D it all went really well. stress free, warm water, clothes that fit, haha, and it was a very nice service.  Afterwards we asked Emiliano, who is 8, how he felt and he said ¨limpiocito, aún sin joboncito¨ which means really clean even without soap, how cute is he.  And Abigail´s (the mom) mom who isn't a member came, so that was really good too. 
All of the zone leaders and sister training leaders had the opportunity to sing in a choir for a fireside for the area seventies and stake presidents for the encendido de luces (lighting of Christmas lights) at the temple and the visitors center.  And we sang and there were some really good talks, on that was really interesting about the light of Christ and how it is the power by which everything functions.  Then they lit all the lights and it looks soo beautiful! Also if you haven´t watched the video ¨He is the Gift¨ on , you should :). 
 ​Zone Activity from today, we had game show type challenges in teams...including an egg toss and I got egg in my hair.  extra conditioning :)
 Our little árbol de navidad...cute right :)
 Bautismo!!! :) 
 ​Mexico City Temple :)
En la encendido de luces

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