Thursday, October 23, 2014

Okay, so this week so many things have happened! 
Yes, I did have transfers
My new companion is Hermana Lovell from Arizona, she is the sister training I´ll have exchanges a lot's fun I like it...and its a good experience to learn from the other hermanas.  And she is great, we get a long very well, and work well togeher...and she loves to contact, so we talk to lots and lots of people. 
We opened a new area! just like zaragoza.  Our new area is called Valle, we live in a small development of condominiums called Las Americas...its so different from my old area. We are in the state of mexico, not the city, so its very far from my old area.  But it is literally like the united states here, all the houses look the same and there is hardly any garbage and dog poop on the ground haha.  Its pretty too, there are mountains and there's grass, people actually have little front yards.  Its so weird.  And apparently we have the best house in the whole mission.  Its brand new...and we have an oven! I'm so excited.  We live right next to a plaza shopping center place, there's a Walmart and a Sams club, and a bunch of restaurants and stores.  I feel like we´re in the united's weird.  
Our ward is great too.  Our Bishop is very good the investigators and the members, I really feel that they work together and have goals and are all involved in missionary work.  The members have given us 18 references already and are excited to come with us on lessons.  Which really makes all the difference, the testimonies of members helps a lot.  And the people we have contacted and talked too are all very nice and accepting and interested.  Basically, we have a lot of work to do and I am very excited.  

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